Phoenix falling

Ep. 4 Luck Be a Lady

That Fickle Mistress

Battle Banthas have made it back to their home base in the Queeli sector. Lt. Hansel Corevos gives them a few days of rest, but quickly pushes the group to a rendezvous in deep space in search of an AWOL officer. After a couple of hours, a massive ship exited hysperspace in front of them. Home One!

The Banthas are quickly invited into a docking bay where they are met by an aide to Admiral Ackbar. The whereabouts of Mav Kindor, AWOL head of secured communications aboard Home One, were unknown. He disappeared a couple of weeks before the Battle at Endor, but the Rebellion is worried about what secrets he took with him.

The team split up, with Zekk Octavius and Fita Fita Rana going to the Officer’s Club, where Mav often spent time. Durzo Nuth and Zos Hekim head to Mav’s quarters to see if they can find any trace or lead. Orzan VonFlet headed to the Engineering bay to talk with the chiefs that Mav often played Sabaac with. Jessa Murdone and Kintrock Nimna head to the cafeteria, because it was Taco Tuesday on Home One.

Fita and Zekk head to the Officer’s Club. Zekk’s enlisted rank raised some eyebrows, but he was with an officer. The droid bartender, DR-01, or Doc, brought some drinks, even offering Zekk an Ord Mantell whisky. They asked the droid about Mav, but Doc claimed to not know much. It said that Mav often drank alone. The crowd of officers all wanted Kindor dead for betraying the Rebellion in its hour of greatest need. The more Fita and Zekk questioned the droid, the more apparent it became that something wasn’t right. Rana called for a maintenance chief for immediate service.

Durzo and Zos received access to his quarters. There are books about Sabaac, and communications, and protocols, and droids. There is a computer terminal and some photos. There are photos of Mav winning a Sabaac tournament at the Lady Luck on Ord Mantell, a picture of a lovely young woman and Mav. Durzo and Zos quickly realize something is missing from the photos, but there is no way to tell what. After investigating the computers, they realize there is a missing file, from Mav’s last day that could point the way to Mav Kindor.

Orzon heads to the bowels of the ship and finds Chief Ren Kethel. The chief eyes Orzon and quickly pegs him as out of place. But Orzon uses his special variety of banter and gets the chief to talk about Mav. Despite what people say, she and the other chiefs believe he is a good man. A man who worried about the fate of the rebellion. The stress of his job was getting to him, but the Corellian chief respected him. Orzon questions Mav’s loyalty, but Chief Kethel stood by her assessment of him. She receives a comm message and apologizes to Orzon, but a priority dispatch is sending her to the Officer’s club.

Meanwhile, Jessa and Kintroc discover that for Mon Cal cruisers, Taco Tuesday means fish tacos. But when in a ship built by fish people, you do as the fish people do, and both begin to sample the delicacies.

Chief Kethel arrives at the bar, and runs a quick diagnostic pronouncing the droid fit for service. Sgt. Rana pushes for the chief to dig deeper. Sure enough something is there, a class 37 memory scramble, but neither the chief nor the Sgt or Zekk can figure out what is going on. They download the information to a data pad. Sgt. Rana calls the Battle Banthas to meet with Mav Kindor’s former aide, now his replacement. All the signs point to Ord Mantell, so off our intrepid squad goes to see if their luck will hold.

to be continued


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