Phoenix falling

Ep. 7 Pt.1 Sewer Love

we all just secretly wanna be ninja turtles

After their mission to disable the shield generator, the squad is given some well-earned recuperation time before being called in for their next briefing. There, they learn that Grand Moff Zsinj will be giving a speech to the capital city on Halmad, and during the excitement they have been assigned to meet with 4 rebel contacts in the city. Imperial security will be heightened, but also more focused towards the speech grounds, so hopefully the squad will be able to make their way across town without being pursued.

As they approach in Susan the Ship, they are thankfully not subject to a random search by the Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit. Zekk brings the ship into the spaceport, and he and Kintrock Nimna will stay with the ship, while Fita Fita Rana, Orzan VonFlet, Zos Hekim, and Durzo Nuth go into the city to meet the informants.

The four of them decide to first meet with Jax, the owner of the Fat Dewback Cantina on the shadier side of town. They enter and speak with Jax under the guise of merchants. After speaking briefly he offers for them to meet behind the shop, which Fita Fita accepts, although he has a bad feeling about this Jax fellow. Once there his suspicions are confirmed, as the man reveals himself to be an Imperial officer, and ambushes them with three droids. While the ambush was dealt with rather quickly, it attracts unwanted attention from other Imperial forces, and the squad has to flee the scene into the back alleys, where they succeed in losing their pursuers.

Next they make their way to the industrial zone of the city to find their second contact, a wandering Gonk Droid. After at first being confused as how to find the droid they ask a local droid shop owner, who gives them the area where he last saw the droid. Once there they quickly locate the droid, who leads them to his home. Durzo follows him inside, and exits with some holotapes of something called “Operation Sewer Rat” however he does not express any of what happened in the hut. Next the team decide to visit a mysterious woman known only to them as “The Witch” who lives with the indigenous inhabitants of Halmad outside the city.

As they make their way there, they find that the route is blocked by the Imperial celebration parade going on in the city. Seeing no other option the squad enters the sewer to go underneath the blockage. However while there they find a member of the local species, who begins to run away at the sight of them. With Zos in the lead they take chase, but that backfires, as Zos is caught in a net trap by a few of the locals. As Fita Fita attempted to negotiate Zos’s release, Durzo sees and hears an approaching probe droid, which begins transmitting before Durzo takes it out. When the clan of locals saw the droid they fled, and also released Zos. They continue down the sewer to the village where the local species and The Witch stay, and approach the Witch’s hut.

Once inside the hut, they discover that the Witch is an old woman from Dathomir, and by manipulating the smoke in her home she makes shapes and patterns while saying that “Zsinj wishes to awaken the sleeper” and warns that the sleeper must not be awakened. After this she waves them away, seemingly done with what she wanted to say. The group then proceed to a nearby water source to clean off sewer residue, but are alerted by sounds of panic from the village, where a squad of probe droids are harassing people and showing pictures of the team.

Under Fita Fita’s orders the squad engages the droids, and although they take many shots, and Zos’s medical skills are required to keep everyone conscious. During the battle one of the droids enters the Witch’s hut, and begins leaving with her in its clutches, but Orzan destroys it before it can escape. However when it falls to the ground it crushes the Witch underneath, whose medical condition cannot be determined. As the squad regroup, more droids loom on the horizon, and Sgt. Fita Fita activates his distress beacon…


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